by Chakel Palmer

It has been awhile since the last newsletter. Dreams have been dreamt, adventures have been had, and I’m sure some humdrum has happened as well. Of course, as with all good friendships, all we can say is how joyous it is to meet again. We know life gets busy and quite like a whirlwind sometimes, so we’re happy to bring you that moment of vacation with beautiful pictures and reminders to live a little.

Today, we’re taking you on a cruise. Just imagine, you wake up in your cozy cabin and look out to see the beautiful ocean with an island in the distance. You get up and enjoy a delicious breakfast as the scenery slowly passes you by. The day is yours and the air carries you away to a simpler time. No deadlines. No running from one activity to the next. You stand on the deck and embrace the simple beauty of sunshine and fluffy clouds or of the incredible and vast starry night sky. Beautiful ports, old friends and new, good food, and an elegant vessel are all part of your incredible day. And when you close your eyes to sleep, it might seem that the day was just a dream, but this is your life, your newest adventure, and we can’t wait to take you there!

Ready to go somewhere yet? I know we are. In fact, we’ve planned an adventure for us to experience together in February 2018 (So we have plenty of time to save)! We’re sailing the Grenadine Islands, and we’d love for you to join us. Reserve your spot with your fully refundable* $400pp deposit! Plus, each person who books will also receive $100 onboard credit. Yay! You can find more information below and email or call with any questions. (*Full refund is offered up to 160 days before the trip.)


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