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Traveling to another land stirs up many things in all of us. The opportunity to discover new places and people is a experience that is hard to compare.

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4 Responses to “Travelhound Video”

  1. Kelli Hailey says:

    Love this site!! Has all the answers that I need when I get to the point in my life when I can travel=) Great job Troy!!

  2. This site is awesome. I think the video is great and all the pictures and resources.

  3. PK Kiefer says:

    Kina, your website is FABULOUS!!! Whoever created it (was it you?) did a marvelous job. I’m going to have Rich look at it this evening. He will be blown away, too! Good for you!

    Love you,

  4. Hi PK!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback! Troy Warwick, our worship Pastor, actually did my website! He did an amazing job on it huh! Chakel is now helping me with my marketing! I am giving her content for my newsletter, and she is putting it together for me… What a blessing!

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