Professionally, I have planned destination weddings for brides and grooms only, and other wedding celebrations that included over 80 guests. The great advantage of a destination wedding is that they can evolve into more than a wedding. They become a vacation for the attendees (typically, attendees pay their own way), and a honeymoon location for the bride and groom. They can also help all involved to avoid the usual hysteria and stress of weddings.

When planning, the most important factor for the bride and groom to decide is the destination that best fits their needs. The time of year can play a huge part. For instance, hurricane season is actually mid-June to mid-November. Another vital issue is budget. One of the major benefits of using travel planners is that they assist in navigating through the intricate details and help alleviate many headaches for the bride and groom.

Due to the current economy, this year is a great year to travel. Many destinations have been impacted by the economy and thus have sale pricing available.

Destination weddings can include various themes, such as cruises. When most people think about a cruise, the Caribbean comes to mind. But there are many wonderful places to experience on a cruise. The Mediterranean and Hawaii are good warm weather cruise locations. However, some people also like Alaska, which has a cooler climate. I have actually attended a wedding in Alaska on a small ship that had approximately 70 passengers. All of the passengers at- tended the wedding, which was held on the bow of the ship with a waterfall as the backdrop. It was breathtaking. My son is getting married this spring. He and his new wife will honeymoon in Hawaii. Their honeymoon will include some time at a hotel on Waikiki, and they intend to take a cruise to the other islands of the chain.

My son and his fiancé are both under the age of 25, so renting a car would be expensive (rental agencies charge a premium for drivers under 25). By staying on Oahu they will have public transportation available, or they can walk almost anywhere. When they are on the cruise their transportation needs will be taken care of by the cruise line (except on land, of course).

Hawaii is not only a honeymoon destination, it is also a great place to have the actual wedding. The islands are an absolutely beautiful place to have that very special wedding. Each island has beaches, waterfalls and gorgeous re- sorts. Each also has its own distinct personality, and this is one of the things that a travel planner can help with.

There are many all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, in places like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel and others. These all-inclusive resorts are another fantastic advantage for the bride and groom (and their guests) if it is a destination wedding. At all-inclusive resorts, all of your meals, drinks and non-motorized water sports are typically included, which means that the bride and groom, along with their family and guests, have fun, entertainment and adventure at their finger-tips.

Honeymooners like to travel any- where from Glenwood Springs to Antarctica. Europe is also a very popular destination. Maybe taking a cruise in the Mediterranean or visiting the Fijian Islands of the South Pacific sounds appealing. How about simply staying a few nights in Estes Park?

Where should you start with planning your honeymoon or destination wedding? There are many steps to be taken. First of all, consider your budget and the budgets of anyone who may be expected to make the trip with you. Be sure to get your passport; it is real viagra pharmacy prescription now mandatory to have one to do any traveling outside of the United States.

Don’t be afraid to use the Internet and study. Depending on your locale of choice and budget, you may need to con- tact a professional. The ideal situation is to use the Internet to do some re- search, decide on a destination, and then consult a professional travel planner to learn of any pitfalls to your decision.

Your dream destination wedding or honeymoon is closer than you think. Kina may be contacted at 303-902- 8567 if you have questions.

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