Hard to believe we are heading into our 2nd  week of August already, and I haven’t gotten the Newsletter out! I have actually been in Minnesota with our dog Tess. We are breeding her with an awesome male dog!

This has been an ‘adventure’ to say the least! We had to wait until Tess came into heat before we could make the drive to Minnesota, so of course our travels were based on her timing…not ours! The mating was a success after being in Minnesota for a week. Now we wait 28 days to find out if in fact Tess is pregnant. The puppies will be born around October 10th  if she is pregnant, which will begin our next adventure! Chasing little Wirehaired Pointing Griffons around for 2 months!!!!

Now, on to better things, and the reason you read this newsletter in the first place….TRAVEL! This month instead of focusing on a destination,  I have decided to title the newsletter TIPS ON TRIPS! So read on, and enjoy…. Who knows, maybe you will even pick up some great pointers for your next vacation! I’d love to hear back from you on your own ‘tips’ too!


10 Things NOT to forget!

Naps are always a good idea!

Here’s our top 10 list of things we remember not to forget. Enjoy and share what you think should never be forgotten!

  1. Sunglasses –if you are getting on a plane at 6am, it’s easy to walk out of your house without sunglasses!
  2. Passport/Visa’s – also, make a copy of these to put in your luggage, in case your Passport gets lost or stolen
  3. Credit card – Call your CC company and let them know the dates and places you will be traveling, so they do not put a lock on your CC while you are traveling! I never take a debit card because if it gets ‘compromised’, your financial institution cannot protect you as well as your credit card company can.
  4. Small bills – I typically take $100 – $200 in ones, fives and tens, for tipping etc. Also, I do not carry it on me all together. I put it in different places i.e. purse, pants (front pocket), hotel safe…
  5. Medications – very important to NOT pack these in ‘checked’ luggage, in case luggage gets lost. Put them in a quart sized ziplock to show as you go through security.
  6. Electronics chargers – Nothing worse than getting to your destination and your phone battery dies, and you have forgotten to bring the charger!
  7. Reading materials – Great to have during your flights, and also during those dreaded flight delays!
  8. Snacks – Great to have during flights, since the airlines have cut back so much on giving anything FREE to us anymore! You cannot take opened drinks through security.
  9.  Camera – Pictures are a wonderful way to remember all of your great adventures so whether you’re using your phone, a disposable camera, a digital camera, or the best camera on the planet, you won’t want to forget a camera or the good times you’ve had!
  10. Have Fun – Sure we all can get swept up in getting from point A to point B, and doing everything on our To Do/To See list, but remember to enjoy the whole journey!

Healthy Snack ideas!

Hunger on trips can be one of those things that makes every little inconvenience almost unbearable. Here are some healthy options to save your wallet from extreme airport pricing and your tummy from the wrath of the hunger beast!

Pre sliced Apples

Cuties – less messy than oranges

Trail Mix – make your own with nuts, M&M’s, dried fruit etc.

String Cheese


Dried fruit – Fruit leather


Pita Chips – don’t get as crumpled as potato chips!

Goldfish crackers

Baby carrots


Want more travel tips?

Check out these sites for more helpful travel information!

  • http://Travel.state.gov is an excellent site for finding out about the country or countries you will be traveling to! It will also let you know if the country you are traveling to requires a VISA! It will give you entry/exit requirements etc….
  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program – STEP
    • Register your travel
      • It is a good idea to sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program –think of it as checking in– so that you may be contacted if need be, whether because of a family emergency in the U.S., or because of a crisis in the area in which you are traveling. It is a free service provided by the State Department, and is easily accomplished online athttps://travelregistration.state.gov. (In accordance with the Privacy Act, the Department of State may not release information on your welfare or whereabouts to inquirers without your express written authorization.)
  • The Center for Disease When you are traveling abroad, it is wise to check with your Physician to find out if the places you are traveling to require any immunizations. The Center for Disease website is an excellent up to date resource for checking on vaccination needs in different countries.


  • Referral Program: Know someone going somewhere? Don’t forget that for each referral sent my way, you’ll receive a $10-$50 gift card based on the package that they book!
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